Your Stories of Social Work Discrimination

As some of you may know I am educated as a social worker. I am currently planning to write a manuscript for a Canadian social work journal and I would like your help in this process. My past research has been on discrimination social work students face during their education from students, staff and faculty. I now want to turn my gaze to the Canadian social work profession (or North American social work as a whole) and find out what discrimination is happening towards those who seek out or are given a social worker to treat mental health issues. I then want to demonstrate how Mad Studies can help social work improve how it works with clients who have mental health issues.

This is where I need you, my Canadian/North American followers. I would like to include personal accounts of discrimination social workers have done towards you, their clients, in relation to your mental health. The focus does need to be on social workers and I especially need accounts from Canada. If you live in North America I can probably use your stories and even if you are from other countries and would like to share please do as it may also be able to demonstrate that social worker discrimination towards those with mental health issues is global.

If you would like to share your story for it’s potential use please go to the “Participate: Stories of Social Work Discrimination” page which can also be found at the top of the blog page. If I use your story I will share with you exactly how I am going to use it when I have completed the section your story fits into.

Please share this post with anyone who you think may be able to contribute!



17 thoughts on “Your Stories of Social Work Discrimination

  1. So, mine is going to sound….hmmm…well, needless to say, I don’t discuss it very much. But I have encountered therapists that believe that the only kind of domestic violence that occurs in a relationship is a man who beats a woman. I have been in a marriage where I was physically assaulted on a routine basis by a woman who had no ability to control her emotions and any “Wrong” thing I did was her justification in responding to me with a punch in the face or otherwise…
    So, when I’ve been asked, “Does domestic violence exist in your relationship?”, I responded “Yes” and the follow up question was “When did you start hitting her?” or “Why do you feel like you lose control?” It has been an embarrassment to admit that I was a victim.

    • Thank you very much for sharing!

      I know of a man who was dismissed when he went to the police about his wife’s physical abuse. It’s horrifying. I have also heard of therapists who assume the man did something horrible to make her hit him. This can sometimes be the case but it should NEVER be the assumption.

      I hope you have been able to heal from that experience and then heal from the stupidity of others who were supposed to help you through it.

  2. I love your energy and dedication. I’ll share out this post through our social media channels, hopefully that will send some people your way.

    Good luck with this project, keep us updated on how it goes!

  3. i cannot say a thing, i have had no issues of maltreatment by any social worker.

    What a great many things you are doing! And your so young! It will be fun to follow you as you grow; the best part of being old is watching the young.


  4. Yes, social workers discriminate against people by choosing jobs where they force themselves on people that want nothing to do with them. Most social workers are working in disgusting, violent roles, with zero respect for the human rights of others. Social workers should stop pushing people around. There is no excuse for it.

    • There are a few social work positions I could never do (ie: child welfare, social assistance). I want to be lifting people up and there is much in our system that keeps people down so it becomes apart of your job to keep people down….

  5. I don’t have any negative stories. My social worker is totally awesome and very very good at her job. It really helps. I’m in Ireland anyway so probably too far away if I did have a story to share. But I reblogged the post for you. XX

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