Your Legitimate Rights

Created this from The Dialectical and Behaviour Therapy Workbook. Thought you would all appreciate it 🙂

Your Legtitimate Rights



12 thoughts on “Your Legitimate Rights

    • I’m assuming it means like it’s ok to need love, support, means of help from others.

      I find all of this a little difficult to digest because I can think of all the people will not care about any of those things lol but I guess that is the nature of rights, some believe you shouldn’t have them.

      • It’s also nice to feel needed. I know I like knowing that a friend feels they can come to me for support, that my boss will come to me with an issue on a project or that my partner needs me to give him a hug after a stressful. There is a difference between needing something from others and being dependent on others.

  1. boy, did this one hit a nerve! with modification, “we have the right not to justify ourselves to others”. when younger, i felt like i had to justify my who self to be worthy of anything! i don’t really care anymore. yes, mental illness is scary. ok, move on. i don’t have to tell anyone anything about it. if they really want to know, get on a site like this and learn!

    i have the right to need respect from others, or we can choose to leave them, or argue with them, or . . ., but i personally need it . . . i expect it! they will hear this lion roar if not! 🙂 i love a debate I can win!

    so yes, this is what, “i need from others”, that is, if they want me in their lives.

    this has nothing to do with this subject, but we saw this movie last night, “the accidental tourist”. what a great story about a man who became severely depressed after his young son was shot and killed, and how it changed his life, and the peoples lives around him. hope you can see it if you’ve not already. got it from the library.
    i sure could relate to the lead man after i lost my husband. i went bazerk!

    • It really is give a take. Everyone has these rights but I have found it most difficult to get others to respect them! But that’s also a good way, as you have mentioned, to clean out the people you really don’t need to have around!

      I will download Accidental Tourist! Like books, there are so many movies! How do we get through them all?!?!?!

  2. This is so great! I think it is so easy to forget these rights which can cause a lot of shame and self hate. Recently I ended a 6 year relationship, and previously I never felt strong enough to be the one who iniates it due to strong fears of being abandoned or being alone. In a way the concepts of having rights seemed weird and alien to me.Through a lot of work I was able to see that I actually deserve things in a relationship, and in the end I was not getting those things. Not recognizing my own rights ended up causing great pain. But in the end I was able to muster enough strength to respect myself.

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