John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (Video)

A great piece on Big Pharma marketing to doctors by John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight. Big Pharma reps are heavily influencing American doctors (I predict that it is very similar in Canada) to prescribe their medication, not because the drug works but because prescribing the drug comes with a free lunch. I highly suggest you use the website Oliver mentions to see if your doctor receives any rewards/bribes from Big Pharma and/or ask them up front.


As the patient, you DO NOT have to accept the first drug your doctor gives you. You have the right to change a drug, suggest a drug, research a drug for yourself, get a second opinion and SWITCH DOCTORS if it is becoming evident that they are not listening, pressuring you and do not have your best interests at heart. This is not a game, this is your life.


7 thoughts on “John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (Video)

  1. Thank you for this post……I already hate the TV commercials that advertise drugs, but the other day I was at the gym and saw someone wearing a brightly colored T-shirt with a drug name on it in big bold letters. Never saw that before! I was astounded. And it happened to be a drug that my son had very bad withdrawal from. This “marketing” has gone way too far….

    • Oh my….a drug branded t-shirt. I haven’t seen that before either. Not surprised, just not something you see often. I find it struggle with accepting advertising when it’s a drug I’ve had a horrible experience on, like your son. I can’t get behind it! In Canada drug companies are not allowed to advertise their drug directly. Our commercials say the name of the drug but not what it’s for so we can’t be influenced I guess. BUT, a large majority of our TV channels are American so we see them anyways. Might be good I don’t have cable anymore.

      Thank you for your comment!

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