5 Ways We Can Show Our Supporters We Love Them

There are many lists about how our supporters can love us (it’s horrible that someone needs a guide on how to do this, but anyways) but I know from my own experience it can often feel like a one-way street with one always giving and the other always taking. We do have a responsibility to show our supports that we love them. They are human as well and need to feel loved and receive reminders that they are valued.

Here are 5 things I have done to show my supporters that I love them! (In some cases my supporters also have mental health/addiction issues so it’s extra important that I show them love!)

5 Ways We Can Show Our Supporters We


1. When a friend, family member or B, my partner, needs my support I am there to listen, offer advice or even send them worksheets or things to read that might be helpful for them.

2. I tell B I love him all the time and tell my friends and family thank you when they have listened to my concerns or done something nice and helped me.

3. I have bought B his favourite comic book in the past and for a friend who was feeling down I snail mailed her funny and inspiration quotes on little cards.

4. Every time I practice a DBT skill I am demonstrating to my supporters that I am working towards improving myself which can help improve our relationship. This is especially true with my partner, B. Practicing DBT skills allow me to have better conversations with him when I need something.

5. I do my best to respect the boundaries that B has set when I get upset. Sometimes that means he needs to walk away and I not follow and other times he wants me to stop swearing at him when I am upset. Respecting these boundaries he has set demonstrates my respect for him and allows him to protect his own mental wellbeing.


Relationships with our supporters need to be as equal as possible.Our supporters cannot always give to us; they can become burnt out.  There may be more moments are where we are taking instead of giving but it’s important to know that we always need to give to them when we can. We may find that by creating a more equal, supportive relationship our mental health improves. Giving to others, practicing our skills, and sharing our knowledge can help build confidence and will benefit relationships with others!


15 thoughts on “5 Ways We Can Show Our Supporters We Love Them

  1. I used to follow my husband around all the time when he needed his space. I just couldn’t let go of things. Now I let him have his space and things are a lot better. DBT helps so much!

  2. That’s a great write. It’s very important to show “Our supporters” to “Our Supporters”. Also, “Relationships with our supporters need to be as equal as possible” its not just any line, one has to really understand the real meaning behind it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great Post! As always!

    Being kind is awesome, because no matter what end you are on, you both feel good!

    I love how you are balancing your own personal importance with the person who is your caregiver.

    Showing appreciation is so very important AND FUN!!! My friends and I would gather and make coupon books for people we appreciated.
    I can put in any task I wish. Depending on who it is for. For a mom friend with three kids, i will offer 2 hours of free babysitting, house cleaning, walk the babies, or for the people who struggle with house cleaning, I offer 1- 2 hours of house cleaning, a night out while I clean . . . that sort of thing. I have done dog and cat sitting, trading, cooking, baking, and much more.

    Love this blog a lot! Most caregivers do not get enough praise and care from others.

    thanks for the thoughtful post.

  4. Thank you for this post. It is a good reminder as I often find myself getting hurt by my wife’s comments or actions when really all she is trying to do is understand. I need to work on this!!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. There is a lot of pressure on our supporters to do right by us and we can’t expect them to be superhuman. Start little 🙂 A Thank You can go a long way!

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