Different Morals Does NOT Mean Mental Illness

This garbage really needs to stop.

ughHomophobia is not a mental illness. Approving of war is not a mental illness. Homophobia and war can cause mental illness as we have seen with the countless of LGBT individuals who have ended lives and the large number of soldiers who return home experience PTSD.

Saying that homophobia, or having controversial morals, in general, is caused by a mental illness doesn’t hold people or society and it’s systems accountable for the horrible discrimination many people experience.

People are going to be homophobic or pro-war regardless of their mental state! Just because we don’t agree with someones morals or don’t understand them, doesn’t mean that there is something mentally wrong with them! STOP USING MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AS A SCAPEGOAT! THAT’S DISCIMININATION!



18 thoughts on “Different Morals Does NOT Mean Mental Illness

  1. I agree. I have plenty of other words for homophobe bigots, LOL. I suspect a PSA like that wouldn’t be doing tons of favors to any LGBTQ person that saw it who also deals with mental health issues.

  2. that is tricky messaging! at first, i didn’t think the same way you did, but now I see it clearly. you are one smart cookie! keep spreading the word!

  3. Thank you! As a member of both the queer community and as a person with mental illness, I do not appreciate having homophobes put into the same category with me!

    On Tumblr, someone I followed reblogged a graphic that compared shaving your legs to self-mutilation. Let me tell you, I had some choice words on that one! The girl I followed who’d reblogged it apologized and deleted it, but I never did find out who the original artist was, otherwise I’d have been all up in their shit!

    I don’t know what people are thinking sometimes!

    • Thank you for confirming that I am on the right track! Bigotry in general seems to commonly be associated with mental illness when it’s about the person and their environment. People are taught to hate.

      As a woman who shaves her legs and cuts I can say THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!! I can’t even completely wrap my head around how that comparison would be acceptable. Plus, shaving is an accepted form of “body modification” so it wouldn’t medically be seen as self harm. But anyways….I’m glad you said something. These comparisons are so dangerous. I’m curious to know who the artist is also. I would like to hear their reasoning behind it (regardless of what I think about it).

      • I think that bigotry could in some cases be like a symptom of an underlying illness (like you said, people are taught to hate and growing up in an environment like that can affect your mental health), but saying that bigotry automatically equates to being mentally ill is insulting. The fact is, some people are just assholes, or haven’t grown up in hateful environments but just haven’t been taught better, or they’re deeply religious and genuinely have good intentions.

        If I remember correctly, the image showed a drawing of a hairy leg being shaved (just the leg and an arm holding a razor) with the words, “Shaving is mutilating your body to fit into patriarchal beauty standards” or something like that. It was years ago, so I can’t really remember, but I do know it was supposed to be a feminist proclamation. Because nothing is more feminist than shitting on femmes, trivializing self-harm, and posting pictures of disembodied women’s body parts! It was disgusting, I was infuriated.

      • I can see where you are coming from. Growing up in a hateful environment can lead to problems but one of them is not homophobic disorder. Especially when I know people who are homophobic but show no other signs of mental distress :p I’ve even heard the argument that calling it homoPHOBIA is insulting because it’s bigotry, not the same as being afraid of heights, the dark or even peanut butter!

        The beautiful thing about body hair is that (if you’re shaving it) it COMES BACK! To me, that is not mutilation. I understand and support the idea behind it but not how it was represented. I feel this illustrates very nicely why a lot of women hate feminism. While all social movements have their issues, this is one that has many. Feminism is one of the few movements that harshly condemns those it is trying to liberate.

        A lot of movements seem to LOVE using disability and addiction to “prove” their point. I once saw a picture on Facebook that said it wasn’t fair that America denies same sex couples various rights for having/adopting children but allow alcoholics to keep their children. It isn’t one or the other! Both have a right to be parents, both have a right to supports to help them parent and take care of themselves! Demonizing a marginalized group to try and advance the other is horrible!

        People don’t think. Or people don’t know how to think.

      • I agree completely. Bigotry isn’t a disorder, it’s just being a bigot. I also have issues with the term homophobia. I’ve never met anyone who had a debilitating fear of gay people. Most people who have a phobia want to work to get past it–bigots usually just want to keep hating people.

        The thing with feminism is that it’s not the movement that’s the problem. It’s people who take it to the extreme. Feminism has nothing to do with shaving your legs or staying home. Feminism is about making sure everyone has equal rights, including to make their own decisions. If anyone gives you shit for shaving your legs, they’re not a feminist, they’re just an asshole.

      • Exactly! Bigots don’t want to change. They think they don’t have to.

        You’re right, it is the people in feminism that are the problem and I have said that to others. I think where leg shaving would become a problem is (and I have experienced this) my male partner made me shave my legs or refused to be intimate with me because I haven’t shaved a certain part of my body. I have found as I’ve gotten older I shave less and less because I just don’t care. But anyways, yes, making our own decisions. Sometimes our decisions are made based on ingrained oppressive ideals and it is extremely difficult to escape. Being shamed for it it is never helpful. I’m more concerned about making sure I can go to the police if I’m assaulted, that I get paid the same fair wage as my male counterpart, that reproductive justice becomes mainstream etc. than I am about shaving my legs.

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