Welcome to Me: BPD in a New Movie

A year in the life of Alice Klieg, a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who wins Mega-millions, quits her meds and buys her own talk show. -IMDB

That is the plot of the up and coming movie, “Welcome to Me”.

As with any movie involving a character with a mental health issue, especially ones where it appears to be a central theme, I am skeptical. There are not many examples of BPD in movies and if there are there are not the greatest (ie: Fatal Attraction, Girl, Interrupted). Will “Welcome to Me” just be another stigmatizing movie (doesn’t help that some review sites even get the personality disorder wrong in their explanation of the movie) or will it be decent (and by decent I mean “Silver Linings Playbook” style decent)?

Many comments by individuals with BPD are that Alice Klieg’s character does not represent a BPD individual and makes them look stupid. While we cannot always judge a movie for it’s trailer I do want to point out that given what is shown I can relate to the Alice Klieg character, although, unfortunately, not because I win millions of dollars in the lottery. I relate because I do experience a fairly narcissistic attitude about myself. While my own talk show would literally not be all about me, I know that I would love to have a show where I could share my own experiences. In fact, it is what draws me to therapy, public speaking, blogging, research studies etc. I enjoy talking about myself, I enjoy sharing what I know with other people because I enjoy being the center of attention. I do genuinely want to change the world and I know that through sharing my story I can participate in that process. Many of us may not want to acknowledge that “self-centered” side of ourselves but over the years I have had to because I will push myself into doing things that I need to say no to because I am drained (ie: saying no to a presentation).

It really comes down to how it is all done. Will there be sympathy for Alice’s character? Will the experience of Alice makes sense? Will we walk away from the movie feeling that we discovered something positive or helpful about BPD and those who experience it?

I do plan on going to see this movie and I’m hoping at the very least it is inaccurate but funny. If any of you go to see the movie I would love to hear about it or tell me what you think based off of the trailer.  


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Me: BPD in a New Movie

  1. I don’t really see you as being self centered, not one bit! What i DO see is someone, who is VERY intelligent, who also happens to have a mental illness, and enjoys sharing experiences that help others, so if it helps you in the process; run with it! 🙂

    We are constantly being bombarded with words like, “take care of your self”, so you are doing that the way that helps you, AND in that process, you are teaching others how to do that as well. Bravo! Keep up the great work!

    As for people who say the woman acts, “stupid”. Not all with MI are as bright as a 1000 watt light bulb, some of us run on 25, 50, and 75 watts.

    Remember the show Tara? Personally, i think it was a poor portrayal of someone with DID. Amongst other things, I also have DID and I am not like that woman on the show; it does not mean that some cannot relate to it, but I have not, and I have met many who have DID and never seen this kind of exaggerated behavior.

    I have blended in society, i worked, went to college and graduated with honors, but that does not mean I can function in society like others who do not have MI. We need accommodations. The analogy I like is, “if a person is in a wheelchair, you would build them a ramp, correct?” We are (all with MI) in a wheelchair of sorts; we need ramps. Without ramps, it prevents mi folks from maneuvering though life as easily. Yes, it can be done, but we need assistance. If we could come to this in our societal thinking, we will be ahead.

    You are handling your situation the best way you know how, and I am glad you do because it helps many immensely. With you and the others who comment here; it makes me feel less isolated; I have people who understand and care. You feel like the family I always wanted.

    SO if it is called narcissist to do your blog, then, WOOPEE!

    OK, I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, so this is just my personal observations. Oprah, she is just about the most openly, “narcissistic” persons I have seen on TV and magazine, and look at her! Look and see how many people she has helped! So what if it is really all about her!

    The longer I live, the more I think MI is over rated and think most of us have something that we could find in the DSM.

    Lastly, I love the idea of the movie, but, i’d like to see it to make a better judgement.

    Keep up the good work you are doing to help yourself. I want to hear all about it!

    • Ha ha thank you Dee! I’m not that bad but I can become very “me, me, me” but I think it’s because my life has rarely been out ME in my eyes. But anyways…

      I enjoyed The United States of Tara, but I also don’t have first-hand experience of DID nor did I know anyone at the time who experienced DID. It is beneficial to know from individuals like yourself 🙂 One concern with the movie is, is it based off of just reading about BPD or was research done involving people with lived experience. That’s the key I believe.

      I agree, and thank you, we are all doing the best that we can with what we have 🙂 It’s funny you mention Oprah because I was thinking about her when I was writing this post and telling myself that she is selfless. But, in reality, we all do things to benefit ourselves, it’s how we survive. Sometimes when we do these things we are helping others along the way and that’s great.

      We can chat about the movie when it comes out!

  2. I’m interested to know what your opinion of it is, too. I don’t often go to the movies, but I’m actually kind of interested in this one (just from your account, I didn’t actually watch the trailer — go figure).

    Knowing quite a few people with BPD, and having done reading and research in an effort both to educate myself and better understand loved ones, I know that while obviously there are certain common distinctive behaviors and traits that individuals share, ultimately it is as unique in its presentation as bipolar, depression, OCD. . . I guess what I mean is it’s not exactly the same in any two people, because no two people are exactly the same.

    Is it going to be released into major movie theaters? It would be interesting to me to compare my impressions as an aware and educated “outsider” with you (and others who deal with BPD first-hand).

    Keep us posted!

    • You’re right Ruby! No two people are the same. I haven’t met another individual who experiences BPD the same way I do but I have actually met people with depression and anxiety that I relate to a lot! It’s about the person. We usually share similar experiences and ways of coping.

      I believe the movie is being released in May 2015. Soon!

  3. From the trailer I will not be going to see it unless someone I know sees it and recommends it. I am happy to make fun of myself and don’t mind a movie if it makes fun of mental illness, providing it is accurate and all they have done is exaggerate the factual symptoms, a bit the way sketch artists exaggerate noses or ears of characters. So will this movie show all the sides to life with BPD? Not just one or two aspects of it. I think if done properly, seeing the tragedy of the overall life would make it funnier and the condition more understandable. And now I will get off my soap box…

  4. I want to see it! Looks good. If I see it I’ll post about it and let you know what I thought of it! My diagnosis isnt bpd well I have traits of it. But did and ptsd are my primary diagnosises. I am always interested in any mental health related movies thoughh. Silver linings playbook was awesome! I loved that!

  5. I have BPD so am anxious to see this movie and see how well they do. I have a terrible need to be liked and fear rejection so I would never want to make a TV show about myself where everyone would be judging me. But I think Kristen Wig is an excellent choice because I’ve always been convinced her character in Bridesmaids had borderline personality disorder.

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