Counter-Dependence The Disease Model

My thoughts exactly!

bipolarmuse ♥

It seems these days that everything can be labeled as a “disease”. Any type of “compulsive behaviors related to food, drink, sex, relationships, or activities such as gambling, smoking, working, or shopping as a disease.” – The Flight From Intamacy

This subject is quite interesting and I encourage you to do some research on your own, to see it with your own two eyes, and to process the info out there which is amazingly tainted by opinion much more than by facts, evidence, and proof. The evidence is not there to convince you without a doubt that the disease model helps… and it seems that those who are force feeding this idea down our throats… they are the ones benefiting… monetarily of course.

Interestingly, almost any behavior indulged in to an excessive level, and/or at a compulsive level… and in which can have harmful affects to oneself or to others……

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2 thoughts on “Counter-Dependence The Disease Model

  1. All too easy for the gullible to research such things and take it for factual. Facts are all to often shrouded in dollar signs!

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