Talking To Myself

This is speaking to me, especially the chorus. I have the strong urge to scream out my pain. I’m so tired. This song does have a positive message so I’m trying to focus on that.

“Is anybody out there?
It feels like I’m talkin to myself
No one seems to know my struggle
And everything I come from
Can anybody hear me?
I guess I keep talkin to myself
It feels like I’m going insane
Am I the one who’s crazy?”


5 thoughts on “Talking To Myself

  1. I understand the sentiment and have written about it myself…the question that I have started asking myself is “Am I listening?”!
    For a long time I kept looking at everyone else, and obviously it is true in many cases, but not always, sometimes they are listening but we are not. For me I think sometimes the depression blocks me from hearing or acknowledging that loved ones are doing the best they can.
    I’m not saying this is your situation, just a consideration.

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