DBT Update #1

I haven’t posted anything DBT related lately and it’s because it’s all becoming a blur. I admit that I haven’t been practicing much and I am trying to get back on track.

Last week I set a goal in class to be more positive about my living situation. I have been living with my partner at his parent’s house since July 2014. I do not want this, but we have no other option. My goal was to use radical acceptance and remind myself, when I become down about it, that the living situation is temporary. I have a promising job interview within the next few days that could help solve the problem. I haven’t really completed my goal because it hasn’t been bothering me this week so I guess that doesn’t count.

We also talked about colouring and how it can help calm you down during stressful moments. While I have not done this activity yet I plan on doing it.

Tomorrow we are going to be discussing boundaries. I am nervous about this. I am not good with boundaries, setting them or respecting others boundaries unless I agree with them. I think it will be most difficult for me to set my own boundaries. I am terribly afraid of hurting people’s feelings and I have seen many times (including an incident yesterday about money) how my boundaries and saying no hurt others. I guess I need to not care if others are hurt when I am respectfully and rightly setting boundaries.

I will have more skill based posts coming up!


7 thoughts on “DBT Update #1

  1. Sometimes we need to take little breaks from stuff. It helps me to process stuff.

    Have you ever done Zentangle? It is my new favorite art. It really can get me in the calmest of calm zones like nothing else I have tried. It quiets the mind and helps me to focus on the black pen hitting the white paper, making lines go exactly where i wish them to go and there are no mistakes.


  2. This is one of those areas where I get myself into trouble all the time…I just don’t ‘feel’ it when I hurt people! When my parents died I felt nothing, when I hurt my wife…I don’t feel it. I don’t want to be like this, I hate that I have hurt someone, I know that it is wrong, but I just don’t feel it, I feel like such an @&?@. It’s the reason I stopped using Twitter, I couldn’t trust myself. Thanks again

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