A Common Thread

I am the oldest of my siblings. There are 4 of us. All Women! My first sister, Alyssa, is currently finishing up a post grad in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College. The final project is an exhibit in the local museum! The students have created an exhibit called A Common Thread (#acommonthread).  Here is a summary of the project as posted on their Indiegogo fundraising page:

“The Fleming College Museum Management and Curatorship program is seeking funds to support their exhibit on clothing that they have researched, developed, and will be installing in April. The exhibit seeks to engage visitors in a dynamic way and encourage reflection about clothing. We look at all the different types of clothes worn by the people of Peterborough and why those clothes reflect the identity of the people that wore them and the Peterborough community. The project is part of our program and we have been working on it since last September.”

Many of us probably do not think about our clothing. A century from now, when future historians find our clothing what will they say about us? I get the feeling they will find some of our clothing ridiculous, but I’m sure the classic styles will remain. Will technology have continued to change so how we make clothing now is completely different? This video demonstrating hand sewing vs. machine sewing shows how technology changed the process of making clothing.

Clothing for me has been a way of expressing who I am. My style has also been simple and conservative in the sense that I do not like to show a lot of skin but still sexy ;). In high school, I was pretty goth, wore a lot of black and stud bracelets. That’s how I felt inside so that’s what I wore on the outside. Now, I still wear quite a bit of black but you’ll also see me wearing bright colours and if I find it, I will wear a rainbow! Our clothing evolves with us.

Get a glimpse of my sister in the video below at the 18 second mark. She is wearing a green blouse with white pokadots, glasses, redish hair 🙂

I am very excited to see this exhibit. I am proud of all the effort Alyssa has put into her studies and the exhibit. She is following her passion and her dream which is very admirable. Lots of love to Alyssa from your big sister xoxo


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