Darkness into Light

Proud to be a part of Young Ones who is partnering with such a great cause and organization! If there is a Darkness into Light in your city please register and join us in spreading awareness about self-harm and suicide!

An online magazine for Irish women in Toronto

dilEach May, thousands of people at locations across Ireland and in the last couple of years across the world, gather to walk or run a 5km route together as dawn breaks. This event is organised by Pieta House and is their largest fundraising and awareness event known as Darkness into Light.  

Darkness into Light represents hope and solidarity, it is symbolic of the work of Pieta House – bringing people from darkness into the light.To date over 80,000 people have taken part in DIL and this year Pieta House in partnership with Young Ones, are taking this special event to Canada with walks in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Which gives us expats the opportunity to get involved. This event is more than a fundraising activity, and in the light of it spreading across the globe they are inviting us to join as a community to come together and walk from Darkness into Light.

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