I’m Going to Journal…Again

This year I stopped journaling. I have been journaling since I was in grade 7 (2001) but only have my journals from grade 9 to age 25 (2003-2014). Each school year or each calendar year is inside one year with a few summer journals as well. Ever since leaving high school I found it more and more difficult to fill a journal (which I guess was my benchmark for successful journaling) so in January of this year I decided to stop. I feel it was a dumb decision.

I stopped journaling because:Β 

  • I couldn’t complete an entire journal in a year
  • I was only writing about the bad things and I’m tired of only remembering those moments
  • Happy entries consisted of “Today was a good day,” Ok…thanks for providing me with great memories
  • It was becoming a chore

Upon reflection, I have come to see that the problem isn’t with journaling, the problem is with me. I set conditions on my journaling which clearly made me hate it instead of enjoy it for the release it can be. Since I stopped journaling (it feels like it’s been longer than it actually has) I have felt a tad empty. I have found myself thinking, “I should write this down.” or “I want to share this but not talk to anyone.” So, I think the journal needs to come back and I need to change how I view journaling.

Journaling is:

  • a place to share with no judgment
  • a nice slice of privacy in our every sharing digital world
  • something I can share with others in the future
  • a way of tracking every part of my life
  • my space and only my space

My journal!

I will use the notebook my Mom bought me back in February. I needed to use it for something special and journaling is something special.

I would like to thank Crackerberries for blogging about journaling today as it was the push I needed to make this decision πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “I’m Going to Journal…Again

  1. I’ve been journalling forever – well, sometimes it feels like it – sometimes I write loads every day, at other times I write very little not very often, but what matters most to me is that I just go with the flow… πŸ™‚

  2. I wouldn’t be without my writing now. It makes me process and acknowledge my emotions, my fears, my victories, etc., I am so glad I started my blog. Many people I know just smile when I tell them I blog, you know that smile, the, “you poor crazy fool” smile. But not only do I feel better but I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from readers from all over the world and from some mental health professionals, so I know what I am doing is right. All the best in getting it going again!

    • I think people really underestimate blogging as well. I have found blogging to be an amazing help and I LOVE meeting everyone and hearing what they have to say! I would love to get us all in a room together πŸ™‚

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