New Therapy

On Monday I am going to see a new therapist. Psychology Today has a list of therapists in your area so it was fun to sit and “shop” for one that might fit me best.

I chose a social worker (this is important to me) who is affordable to begin with but also offers a sliding scale. She uses psychodynamic, CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy. I haven’t used some of these approaches yet so I am interested to try something new.

While I am excited I also feel like I’m going to be sick and would like to implode to avoid it all. My goal is to work on moving on from the past emotional abuse I have experienced. I see how it affects me on a daily basis and I do not like it. I have no problem admitting this but i do have a problem with talking about it at great length because I do not like to see how much it does affect me or admit that I was in relationships where this happened. But, I live in fear and that is a motivator. Being afraid is exhausting.

This is the first time I will be paying for therapy which will probably mean bi-weekly sessions based on when I get paid. I am usually against going private but if I can pull it off then why not utilize it. We will see how it goes.


6 thoughts on “New Therapy

  1. I am gonna save the link for the future. One came up for my town, but she is a sex therapist from the looks of it, so not quite sure she would meet my needs…But if we move, the link shall be handy.

    Good Luck.

  2. I too hate the concept of using private when my taxes are paying for the free health system…trouble is to get the help when you need it you need to be private. I have always complained about paying private health insurance, but in this last year my medical bills have been enormous, so now I am still unhappy about the cost but happy that I paid it.
    Hope it goes well for you.

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