DBT Skills: Goals for Distress Tolerance

The Distress Tolerance module has begun!

My goals for this module:

  • to learn to remain calm in times of stress.
  • learn to accept disagreement.
  • learn to accept the feelings that come with being alone.
  • learn how to feel emotions safely.

7 thoughts on “DBT Skills: Goals for Distress Tolerance

  1. Those first two are real killers for me. I take it to a whole new level…when I am faced with distressing situations, I don’t just remain calm, I completely shut down, lock up, which doesn’t help anything. As for disagreement, in a business/work environment, I am a champion at handling it, in my personal life I can’t deal with confrontation of any kind, it sends me into a big black spiral. All the classes, reading, discussion – nothing has been able to help. I wish you all the best and look forward to your updates.

    • In public I am fairly great at handling myself 😛 I can relate to what you are saying about behaving well at work. This won’t be easy. It took years to get to this point and it may take years to get out of it. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • I’m finding distress tolerance a little easy as I have been practicing it (or trying) for a few years now. I’m getting better at calming myself down if I am upset about something that doesn’t involve people I care about :p

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