Pause for a Moment to Catch Up

I have been very busy with work. This is good and bad. I enjoy being busy but I am getting very stressed out about not having enough time to breathe and enjoy life. I see no point in working if I can’t also have a life but that just seems to be the world we live in right now. This job is also only a contract until September so I need to make sure that I make and save as much money as I can as my partner and I are moving into our own place soon šŸ™‚

Probably the most important thing I missed sharing about was on May 24th it was my 26th birthday! I am now 26, getting closer to 30, and a tad impressed with where my life is heading. Overwhelmed, yes, and I do feel like I am in a hurry to become more stable but I have good people around me, I am generally in a good place and I see a future.


9 thoughts on “Pause for a Moment to Catch Up

  1. Not even half my age! At your age I was still working three jobs, didn’t know I had depression and just ‘running’ as fast as I could hoping I could outrun the monster on my back! You’ll do fine

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