Proposed New Law Helps Those With Mental Health Issues!

I am so happy that this bill is being put forward!!! Police interactions for mental health reasons have haunted my friends and colleagues and have kept me fearful for going to the police if I were to need help. Our privacy is important!

New law to keep mental health, non-criminal info from appearing in police background checks

Chris Herhalt,
Published Wednesday, June 3, 2015 11:56AM EDT

“The Ontario government has released official details about their move to keep non-criminal information collected by police private.

The information gleaned from records of mental health interactions, witness statements or information gleaned through carding will no longer appear in background checks done by any police service in Ontario.

Community Safety Minister Yasir Naqvi said at press conference in Toronto Wednesday that the proposed Police Record Check Reform Act is in response to countless situations where Ontarians have had personal information, such as dropped criminal charges or mental health interactions shared with a potential employer or peer.

“We heard from hard-working Ontarians who lost their job or were unable to find a job because of past incidents involving mental health contact with police,” Naqvi said…“If this bill passes, that kind of information will not be disclosed as a part of any police record check.”

Police in Ontario are supposed to offer three types of background check: a criminal record check, a police information check or a vulnerable sector check. Up until this bill is passed, the latter two checks contain non-criminal information such as a person’s history of contact with police, which include instances where someone called police for help while suffering a mental health crisis or provided a witness statement.”

Read the full article here: CP24


4 thoughts on “Proposed New Law Helps Those With Mental Health Issues!

  1. I wish BC would do the same, or the federal government would make it law so its uniform across Canada. Right now its very hit and miss if mental health stuff is released, depends on the agency holding it.

    That is why I am wary of trying for school, I am not sure I’d pass a police record check. I have no criminal history but do have mental health history with the police.

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