What is Addiction?

This talk really resonated with me.

“Addictions begin with pain and end with pain.”

While I have never experienced a substance addiction I can relate to not being able to sit with pain, wanting to escape and not be myself.

Give people compassion and it will help them experience their pain.

There may be triggering images in the video.


6 thoughts on “What is Addiction?

  1. Despite my activity level and sometimes being in great shape I go from good to bad quickly and fully understand. I’ve done studies, trial and error treatment options and most things are short lived solutions at best. Going through so much and being an athlete has made me more able to help others.

  2. The long term never ending nagging pain makes all the difference. One can accept short term strong pain but let just some pain drag on for months, years, decades…it stops being acceptable. I am 55 and my pain started from a farm accident when I was 13!

    • You are right! That long-term pain is the worst! I still don’t know exactly how you just let go of long-term pain (emotional or physical). I know I alternate between accepting it and hating it. That alone is exhausting.

      Hope you’re well!

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