DBT Skills: Emotion Regulation Goals

I am so grateful to be able to finish up all the modules with DBT Path. Sitting through the first class of emotion regulation demonstrated to me why I need this class and these skills. Even talking about regulating emotions causes me stress. The stress comes from knowing that this will be difficult and fear of what I will feel by going through it. BUT, my DBT class has shown me even if it is difficult it is still possible to relearn skills that can help me become a better person and I do have more confidence going forward in exploring my emotions than I did before.

We were asked in class to identify our personal goals for the next 12 weeks in the emotion regulation module. I came up with 4 goals to start.

1. Decrease my emotional intensity.

2. Accept my emotions (show myself compassion).

3. Identify my triggers, what emotions they bring, how I respond to them and change it!

4.  Listen to my emotions more and react less (unless I have listened first).

Emotion regulation will be a real test for me. My main intense emotion has been anger and this anger, while it has hurt me, has protected me. I need to replace my armor and see that anger is not effective armor anymore; DBT is an effective armor!


14 thoughts on “DBT Skills: Emotion Regulation Goals

    • Thanks, Debbie! I’m excited for our next class when I can share my homework! I’ve been thinking of contrasting it with a recent situation where I was not very skillful and see what was different. (Nerd moment)

  1. Thanks for sharing this info and keep building on your understanding. We may not always be able to use the skills we learn about right now, but it still helps us to see through the darkness. Using the skills will possibly come later wher we have learnt the skill to use the skills!!!
    Take care

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