I Need to be Skillful

This past Saturday (August 1) B and I moved into an apartment. After 1 year of living with his Mom and Step-Dad we finally got out and into our own place. I was (and still am) very excited but it seems like every day brings a new challenge. First, the moment we came into the unit on moving day, there was bits of ceiling on the floor which, as we saw, came from previous water damage to the ceiling that I didn’t notice before. Second, the toilet broke. Third, we found out our unit does not have a phone jack and cannot currently hook up our internet. And fourth, I heard from another tenant that the previous tenants in our unit left because the ceiling was leaking and suggested we keep our eyes open for leaks.

All of that within a week.

The ceiling does feel dry and has been patched so it doesn’t look ugly. We were given a brand new toilet which is pretty nice (no lever, it has a button), and we’re going to discuss with the landlord about installing a phone jack and let them know that we are aware that our unit has a history of leaks and that we trust it has been fixed. So, everything is being dealt with. I am just trying to keep the negative thoughts at bay that say I have made a mistake moving to this building and that I am stupid. The stress is physically showing. I am not sleeping well, I am anxious and have been clenching my jaw so much that it hurts. I haven’t made time to practice DBT skills because there has been so much to organize!

But, I have decided today that I NEED to start being more skillful. Tonight, I am going to listen to a guided meditation that we listened to in my DBT class before I go to bed. I will continue using my anti-stress pillow spray and light and candle to give my bedroom a nice, comfortable glow. I will focus on how I have my friend coming over for dinner and that B is supportive of our decision to move here and that we will face the good and the bad together.

Now, here are some pictures of my place!!! We have done a great job of fixing it up and making it look awesome!!!


7 thoughts on “I Need to be Skillful

  1. With all the stressors you have been/are facing, I think you are doing an amazing job of managing this transition, Kristen. You should be so very proud of yourself!

    The place looks great. You and B have done a fantastic job. May your new home be filled with love and all things good!

  2. You are doing well. Moving is always a huge challenge. The inevitable problems can just make it harder…one day at a time!

  3. Congrats on you guys moving out on your own, and I hope things get sorted out soon as far as your concerns about the place. It’s funny how we sometimes have to remind ourselves to be present with the skills in busy times. Before you know it, you may be so skill enmeshed that you realize you’re utilizing them all of the time. It’s the practicing that gets you there. Well done, Kristen! ♥

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