My Self-Compassionate Day

Yesterday I learned something undesirable. Today I am healing.

I woke up this morning and told myself that I needed to use opposite action to get myself to work. As I lay in bed and noticed how my body was feeling, I changed my coping plan and decided that today needed to be about me. I changed the plan because my body wasn’t telling me that it was simply struggling but that it was actually in pain linked to a past trauma. I told myself I needed to show some self-compassion. This meant staying home from work and dedicating my time to doing things I enjoy, catching up on work and crying if I need to.

In DBT, we talk a lot about showing compassion to ourselves when we are not feeling at our best. I really struggle with this (as I’m sure many do) but today was different. Today I really need to give myself a hug and tell myself that it is ok. I acknowledge the pain, I am ok that it is there and I know that it will pass.


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