Sh*t People Say To People With Mental Illness

How many can you relate to? 😛



11 thoughts on “Sh*t People Say To People With Mental Illness

  1. Thanks for sharing that. I would say everybody has had mindless people say really inappropriate things to people. Checking it on Youtube and reading comments many people are laughing at it instead of realizing what the purpose was, which is sad.

  2. “That’s great, fantastic, this is really good! We are really making a breakthrough here! So, time is up, but we’ll pick back up right here next week.” SEEEEEEERIOUSLY.

    I’ve found a lot of help in holistic approaches like yoga and meditation and exercise for my depression and anxiety… in combination with exposure therapy and other forms of CBT. And, even though those things have helped me, I realize that they don’t help everyone. And, regardless of if they help me or not, there is nothing I find more annoying than a neurotypical person telling me definitively, “Oh, you just need to relax–TRY YOGA!” Well, thanks, I do yoga three times a week and what do you know, I STILL GET ANXIOUS WHO KNEW RIGHT?

    • Ha ha ha I know 😛

      When I was in therapy, it was like every time I finally felt comfortable to open up, it was time to go. Takes 45 minutes to relax!

      I’ve had so many people tell me to cut gluten out of my diet to improve my mood and one person even said it would completely eliminate my self-harm urges. Cutting out gluten would make me more sad because I love foods with gluten in it.

      • You know what cutting gluten helps with? Celiac. If you don’t have Celiac Disease then the only thing cutting gluten is going to do is make you willing to murder everyone around you for a plate of spaghetti. People just… I just can’t with this “advice” sometimes.

      • Ha ha agreed! For some it is a personal choice but for me I just won’t. I do eat gluten free stuff because sometimes it just happens to not have gluten in it or that’s what someone is serving me/bought for me but I don’t seek it out.

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