Why I Need Transitions to Cope with Change

I was laid off yesterday. All the staff were laid off. My work is still remaining open just with different hours that do not support our full-time status. I will continue to work there, just not as an employee, until our pilot project is officially done. I have committed to that. While all of us staff knew something was going to happen, we didn’t really think it would happen this abruptly. I found out this past Thursday (which I had off, along with Friday) and then just had Saturday and Sunday to work. Shock, I guess is a good word. I support my boss’s decision and I am not angry. I have been saving money since I started working here because we knew our contract would end, just not like this. That is business though and we need to make the best of a less than ideal situation.

This situation has me realizing how important transitions are in my life. Many of us are not privileged to transitions to help ease us into the next stage in our life because that is not always how life works. But, I wanted to look at how having a transition, of any length, is helpful when there are big changes happening.

For me, I need transitions to:

  • Emotionally prepare myself for positive coping.
  • Make plans about what to do next.
  • Prepare the needed materials for the change.
  • Find new ways to be busy (if the change includes job loss).
  • Make time to grieve and feel rotten about the change.
  • Make time to feel amazing about the change without being quickly overwhelmed by it.
  • Ensure the proper supports are in place.

What do I have to support me in this Β new transition?

  • A savings of 5-10 months of rent (depending on how you split it between me and B).
  • A new DBT group coming up (my first in-person DBT group!).
  • A few online courses.
  • Applied for Employment Insurance and tracking down human resource contacts from my various employers to get my records of employment.
  • One more paycheck.
  • Odd days of work with my most recent employer.
  • Friends and family that know what is happening and are there for me.
  • Time to grieve.
  • Lots of volunteer work.

I want to cope positively and I will. Sometimes coping positively means not getting as depressed as you would normally. That is me today.


11 thoughts on “Why I Need Transitions to Cope with Change

  1. ugh…layoffs! I was axed almost 7 months ago, but had known it was coming for three months previous. Granted, I was lucky because I had a good severance package and enough savings to take care of 6 months worth of expenses…I’ve managed to stretch it out an extra month, but it’s getting critical for me and my family soon.

    But the important thing, like you pointed out, is a plan of action to deal with it all. I’m sure you will get back on track and be where you need to be in the long run! Good luck! πŸ™‚

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