Canada Election 2015!

Today is the official election day for all Canadians! Today we are voting for our Prime Minister! We have had Stephen Harper for about 10 years and I personally believe (I personally KNOW) it is time for a change!

If you are a Canadian citizen and are eligible and able to vote PLEASE DO!!!!!! Employers HAVE TO give you 3 hours off during voting times if you are working during the time the polls are open (9:30am-9:30pm).

There are a variety of ID’s you  can use to vote.

I personally am using my provincial photo ID card and my apartment lease that has my address on it. Also, if you have your voter registration card BRING THAT! It looks like this…

This card lists your name, address and designated voting location. You can only vote at that location and between 9:30am-9:30pm TODAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015!!!! Even if you have this card you still need to bring ID (better to bring too much ID then not enough in my opinion!). For more please go to Elections Canada.

Now, who are you voting for? First of all, Canada has an electoral system called first-past-the-post. This means the person with the most votes wins (easy). What is silly about it is that during an election, unless it’s for mayor, you ARE NOT VOTING FOR THE PRIME MINISTER DIRECTLY. You are voting for your Member of Parliament (MP). It is the party that has the most MP’s elected that determines who wins the Prime Minister election. This is dumb because sometimes you don’t like who is running in your riding of a particular party but you do want that party to be Prime Minister….ooooh the problems….but anyway, that’s how it works.

The popular candidates who stand a chance are as follows, from left to right:

Gilles Duceppe- Leader of the Bloc Québécois

Stephen Harper- Current Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Elizabeth May- Leader of the Green Party of Canada

Tom Mulcair- Currently the Official Opposition and Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Justin Trudeau – Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Please check out each Party’s platform before you vote! Be informed!

And finally, I would like to end with John Oliver’s bit on the election that I’m sure you will enjoy 🙂


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