Affirmation Colouring Book: It’s ok to feel bad

When my employment contract with a local college ended this past April, we were given a copy of a great colouring book called “The Affirmations Colouring Book” by Sarah Mangle. I had yet to use the book but last night while watching the elections and feeling anxious, I decided it was time to open the colouring book and start colouring! Colouring  helps distract me, allows me to focus and remain calm. Colouring keeps me in Wise Mind or supports me in getting into Wise Mind. Colouring asks you to focus on the details; the colour, shapes, space and meaning instead of whatever is stressing you out.

I wanted to share a few of the pages that hold special meaning to me in terms of their affirmations. It is my hope that you can apply these affirmations to your own life and please purchase this great colouring book by clicking the hyperlink above.

This message is very important to me. We live in a society that is obsessed with happiness and positivity which has resulted in the shaming of feeling anything negative emotion. We are constantly told to “think positively” or “suck it up” but feeling sad, angry, frustrated, afraid etc. are completely VALID! I like to think that if we weren’t supposed to feel bad then we wouldn’t. It’s the same how we’re not supposed to fly like birds, so we don’t. We are entitled to feel a wide variety of emotions safely and with support if needed.

Please remember. It’s ok to feel bad 🙂


9 thoughts on “Affirmation Colouring Book: It’s ok to feel bad

  1. yes.thanks! it is true. even “normies” are shamed for the more negative feelings. It is always assumed that you should have a cheerful positive outlook and if you do not it is because you are choosing not to or are doing something wrong. Honesty is nice.

    • Agreed! When I was a teen I thought that everyone was just automatically happy since there was so much effort to correct the fact that I was not happy. I see now, as an adult, that happiness comes and goes, just like sadness. You have to work at being both. It was actually quite the revelation :p

  2. I love that: “It’s okay to feel bad” Or, as I’ve also seen elsewhere (i.e. Facebook): “It’s okay to not be okay” Love the colouring, btw!

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