DBT Skills: Distress Tolerance Box

A few years ago I created a Self-Harm Safety Box that generally went unused and unappreciated. Last week’s DBT class asked that, for home practice, we create a Distress Tolerance Box. Today, I did just that!


The objects I chose help with mindfulness and/or address self-soothing with the 5 senses.

What’s inside?

Shea Butter lip balm

Anti-stress Eucalyptus Spearmint hand lotion

The Affirmations Colouring Book + pencil crayons

Affirmations from a friend

Silver glitter silly putty

Love notebook with notes from myself

The Happy Book

Wreck this Journal

Word Search book

Nail polish

War Heads candy

Embroidery floss (make bracelets/keychains)

Apple Cinnamon candle

Snowflake building blocks


8 thoughts on “DBT Skills: Distress Tolerance Box

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