Things I Don’t Get

Image: a white and orange, long-haired kitten. Text: “I’m confus”.

Getting Through Anxiety did a post on funny things they don’t get (follow them also!!!). Their list was funny, logical and made me realize that I don’t get some of those things either. Here is my own list! Let me know what you think. I would love to hear the things you don’t get also :p

  1. Why do people text, “Can I call you?” before phoning them? What happened to just calling the person and seeing if they pick up?
  2. Hashtags….do I need to explain this?
  3. Why did music artists stop doing awesome dances in their music videos? One day I turned the tv on and everyone was standing or just shuffling from side to side.
  4. Ripped jeans. Why buy your pants ripped? Rip your own pants! Why would you even want ripped pants?
  5. Paying for virtual things. All those Facebook games and even others like WOW and LOL, spending sometimes hundreds of dollars on things that you will never actually own because they are just computer programming…
  6. People who push their dogs in a stroller. If the dog has mobility issues that’s fine but for those who do not I don’t understand. Dogs should be dogs and walk around!
  7. Those massive cell phones that are the size of your face. I thought cell phones were supposed to be small or at least not look like tablets of or small laptops?

14 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Get

  1. I don’t get hashtags either and I hate the word hashtag! I also hate the word emoji! I think I’ve texted and asked if I call someone because a call can disturb someone whereas a text can be quiet or a single “ding” noise instead of an annoying ring if your busy. As for the jean question, my mom doesn’t get it either and you make a good point! I like some ripped jeans but I don’t like when the hole gets SO big that you can’t put them on without your foot getting stuck!

    I also don’t get why people put dogs in strollers if the dogs can walk! Also, I don’t get why some parents walk their kids on leashes (forgot to put that in my post). I think it’s horrible and I think it should be illegal (the kid thing). I love your list, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I love how things I don’t get someone else can explain 😛 I found while making this I came up with things that I knew people could explain or I could even explain but I wasn’t accepting the reason lol See, I’m pro leash on kids! I have never used one but I work with kids and they do bolt. some kids needs support in staying by your side. I do prefer the leashes that are on backpacks though and I couldn’t tell you if I would leash my kid lol

  2. Lol I totally get… almost all of those things. LMAO! I am totally with you on music videos and dogs in strollers, though. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! That’s almost as bad as carrying your dog in your purse (remember when that was a thing? Awful…).

  3. I totally always text before I call. Lol. For me, it’s a social anxiety thing. I like to check in with the person so that we are both ready to talk, because I am super awkward on the phone. I’m not awkward talking in person, only on the phone. And I love buying cheap ripped jeans at resale shops. I just feel like they are comfier and not as tight and I don’t like things that look too clean cut. I used to rip the neck line out of many of my shirts too. But I feel like that was a thing of my 20’s and working at a restaurant and now I’m 29 and leaving that era of my life. Time to put big girl clothes on.

    • Yes, it is lol I have heard people say that small dogs can’t walk that far which is why they’ll be carried which is fair, then I wonder if maybe you shouldn’t have those demands on your little dog? I’ve never had a dog so these are just my observations lol

  4. I hate hash tags, stupidest idea ever….. Cell phones went through a weird evolution, started big, then went small, then with the advent of smart phones started to get big again, but some are just too stupidly big, like they have a TV attached to their face…

    We have a small dog and it’s BS they can’t walk far, ours can easily walk 4 or 5 km’s if given the chance, then she starts to wear out, but she loves to walk.

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