Motherhood & Madness: I’m Not Alone in the Struggle


Regardless of the experience, I have never been a fan of the saying, “You’re not alone.” I have always found it to be a self-absorbed statement. How in the hell could someone think that they are the only ones struggling with something? Despite this thought process, I do find myself consistently telling myself that I am alone in experiencing certain situations. I have felt alone in being a suicide attempt survivor. I have felt alone in experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder. I have felt alone in experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship. More recently, I have felt alone in my struggle to become pregnant. It hit me last night that it is not that I actually think I am alone in an experience, rather that I am the only person in my circle of friends that may have this experience. Some of my experiences are taboo to talk about and even among friends, this can increase the sense of loneliness.

Last night, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw this graphic on a friend’s profile.

Image: Women silhouetted in white pushing baby strollers in 3 rows. In the middle of the second row, there is a woman silhouetted in black standing with her hand on her hip. Beside her, it reads “I’m the 1 in 8”.

The comments left on her Facebook, along with her own comment, told me that she was experiencing issues with becoming pregnant. I quickly sent her a message and told her that if this was her experience I could relate. What ensued was an amazing conversation about our frustrations, people’s attempts to make us feel better and our hope of one day becoming Mothers. We both expressed how happy we were to know this about the other and have someone to talk to. I go into today with a new sense of calm, knowing that someone I personally know understands the disappointment, pain and strength. We both know that we will do whatever it takes to become Mothers.




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