I’m a Cat Foster Parent!

B and I are excited to welcome out first foster cat into our home! Her name is Hazel and she’ll be 2 years old in February. Hazel is a very friendly calico cat with short, soft fur. She’s very chatty, makes little meows and chirps to you, and will follow you from room to room. Hazel hasn’t even been with us for 24 hours and she has settled in like she’s been with us for years. Hazel would be a great addition to a family with a lot of love to give. Hazel can be adopted through the Toronto Cat Rescue.


Image 1: Hazel laying onto top of a dresser inside of a closet with clothes hanging down around her, her face looking out at the camera. Image 2: Hazel laying down on the floor beside a scratching board looking at the camera. Text reads: Hazel is available for adoption! Read her bio here http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/14445058-toronto-ontario-cat

I decided to become a foster because I love cats but do not feel like I can commit to a cat right now (although Hazel is changing my mind :P). I decided back in August, when B and I first moved, that Omen, my cat that I adopted in 2010, would stay with my parents instead of coming to live with us. I had to face that she was very happy living with my parents. There is a lot of space for her, 2 other cats and a lot of people to give her attention. I knew that removing her from the house and bringing her to small apartment to be with 2 people are weren’t really around would probably make her unhappy. Omen is still my cat and I just feel weird getting another cat when I feel like I still have Omen.


Image: Me and Omen cuddling on the couch during my last visit. Omen is mostly white with chunks of gray around both of her ears and part of the left side of her face. She has short fur and her eyes are partially closed as she lays on my stomach.

I also wanted to foster cats because there are a lot of cats that need homes and shelters are not always a great place for them. Shelters are noisy, busy and in some cases the animals are sick and this can stress the others to smell, hear or see that. Having cats in a home environment while the wait to be adopted helps the cats destress, socialize and be trained. When I adopted Omen from the Toronto Humane Society I believe she was extremely stressed out. She was very skinny and her fur was very thin (you could see the pink of her skin). In about a year she gained a lot at least 5 lbs and grew a lot of fur. Her fur is really thick now and she sheds everywhere! Love and stability change cats lives for the better. I want to provide that love and stability for other cats until they can get adopted by families or individuals who will love them forever!

I think it is also amazing to have the opportunity to meet all sorts of cats. Cats have unique personalities, just like dogs and humans. Hazel does have a similar personality to Omen and she is also very different from the other 3 cats I have lived with. Being with cats of different sizes, breeds, ages etc. is very exciting and not one every gets to experience.

Help to facilitate adoptions also sounds exciting. Connecting people with the cats they want to adopt and sending them on their way sounds very rewarding. People have already asked me how I could take a cat in and then give it away. I don’t know yet since I haven’t done it! I believe that so long as I always keep in mind that I am caring for Hazel until her Forever Home (as animal adoption agencies say) comes for her. I do imagine it will be sad to see her go and it is in her best interests to be adopted! Her adoption opens up my home to another cat that needs a place to stay.




9 thoughts on “I’m a Cat Foster Parent!

  1. Awwwww!!!!! I love cats!! That’s so good of you to do that. People forget how cats need love too. My cat is full Persian and 13 years old and a rescue. I love him to death. Great job on you. Makes me so very happy.

    • Cats are underrated and underestimated! I used to think I was a dog person but I’ve only ever had cats and always 2 cats lol Persians are beautiful! A friend of mine has two of them. Rescuing an animal feels amazing! They rescue you right back 🙂

    • She seems pretty happy! She’s napping on the back of a chair right now! It’s painful to have cats like Hazel and Omen, cats that are absolutely amazing and they don’t have homes. When I adopted Omen, I couldn’t understand giving up such a loving cat and although I am not 100% on Hazel’s history, she has so much to give and deserves someone who gives a lot. I can’t imagine ever surrendering my animal and I am aware that for some people surrendering their animal is extremely painful.

      It is my pleasure to describe the pictures! I wish I had been doing it sooner!

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