100 Happy Days: 13-21


Days 1-12

I do believe that there is always something that we can find in our lives that is happy. It doesn’t need to be something big or something obvious. It’s anything that made you feel good that day.

Day 13

I had a great Story Time today at work. I had a group of 3 kids probably about 5 years old and they were really into the books I was reading. It was great to talk about emotions a little bit when we read “Olivia”. Asking the kids to identify the emotions on the faces of the characters and asking why they were feeling that emotion helps build a child’s emotional literacy and empathy. I love teaching about emotions given the struggles I have had with my own. Sometimes I feel like people think I don’t work, that I just play with kids or that I’m not professional. This is what I do though and this is why play is important. Kids learn so much through playing, like emotions, when they’re reading with you!!!

Day 14

I was matched with a therapist on TalkSpace! She has an understanding of DBT and mindfulness which is very important to me. I know that these skills work for me and having a therapist that can support that will be great! It has been frustrating going through a mental health system that has a one size fits all approach to treatment. I am always open to trying new things which is why I wanted to try TalkSpace.

Day 15

At some point in December (I don’t remember when) I will be self-harm free for ONE YEAR! This was a tricky behaviour to stop and I think growing up played as big of a role in stopping it as learning other ways to cope. I still think about it, I still feel urges and I know that self-harm is simply not an option. When I was in the throws of depression and self-harm I never thought I would see the day that this behaviour wasn’t a key part of my life. I am glad that I was wrong. After 12 years, self-harm is gone 🙂. I am pretty damn amazing!

Day 16

Bogdan and I are very excited to welcome our first foster cat into our home! Her name is Hazel and she’ll be 2 years old in February. She is settling in very well! It’s like she’s always been with us. Hazel is available for adoption so if you’re looking to adopt a cat check out Hazel! You can find her bio here:http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/14445058-toronto-ontario-cat

I’m very excited to start fostering for the Toronto Cat Rescue. There are so many cats that need homes and fostering is a nice way to keep cats in a home environment until they are adopted. This is going to be fun, challenging and a very special experience!
Day 17

McCain Deep and Delicious is my favourite cake! I get to eat some right now! I eat it like this kid 😛

Day 18

Day 18

So….. I burnt my hand while making dinner. Oil splashed out onto my hand and now I am in a decent amount of pain. This sounds bad, but the happy part was that Bogdan finished dinner for me and then went out to get me aloe 🙂 How nice!

Day 19

Played Lords of Waterdeep with Bogdan, Amit and a new friend! I didn’t win but that’s not why I play Waterdeep. I playWaterdeep because I can just set a goal for myself and forget about everyone else! It’s always nice to play games with friends 🙂

Day 20

3 happy things happened at work today:
1. A member’s son who wasn’t walking the last time I saw him, is now walking! He carries himself with more confidence now and is exploring everything!
2. A little girl helped me clean up our block room which no kid has helped me do before!
3. A woman can in with old school $5s and $10s! My heart stopped and I felt a little emotional looking at them!

Oh, and my burn looks and feels better!

Birds of Canada Banknotes (1986-2001). Image: a blue, Canadian, $5 bill that is creased, a little torn and has the bust of a man on it. his name is Wilfred Laurier and he was the 7th Prime Minister of Canada.

Day 21

Got my new Ontario photo ID in the mail today with my new current address! I no longer have to carry around ID with the address of my ex! Woot!

Today was nice. Bogdan invited one of his friends over and we played Lords of Waterdeep and went out for dinner. Now, I’m just finishing up some work because this week I start training my Peer Support Coordinator Replacement! I’m very excited to have her volunteering with Young Ones 🙂




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