Foster Cat: Naevia



Image: Hazel, a calico, looking at the camera, sitting under the Christmas tree.

This week, B and I officially adopted Hazel. We started fostering her a week ago and even when I wrote my post about becoming a foster parent for Hazel I knew that we were going to end up adopting her no matter what I said. B wasn’t willing to part with her and she had no problem getting comfortable and fitting in with us. We’re very happy she is ours ๐Ÿ™‚


It was very important to me that adopting Hazel didn’t mean that B and I stopped fostering. I had received 3 intake lists with cats that desperately needed to be taken out of the shelter. I saw a few of the same faces and one little face stood out to me.ย  A727275 was fostered by us this past Tuesday. She was found in a dumpster and I can’t imagine why someone would think that is an alright way to get rid of their cat. We have named her Naeviaย after the slave turned warrior from the tv show Spartacus. She is shy, a little skittish and full of love. She is pretty tiny despite being a year and a half. Naevia loves getting her head pet, is always circling your legs, cuddling in your arms and she is frequently purring. She is currently in quarantine, away from Hazel, and on December 29th, she can hopefully be put up for adoption and move about the house. This loving girl will make a quiet family very happy!


Naevia 7

Image: Naevia, a long-haired calico cat laying on a bed.




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