Naevia has been Adopted!

It was bittersweet to send Naevia to her new home on Friday. I love this little kitty and if I didn’t still want to foster cats I might have adopted her myself. I did my job as a foster parent: brought in a kitty in need, loved her and gave her to a new loving home.

The couple that adopted her seem great. They were all smiles when they saw her. They got down and played with her, brushed her and gave her treats. It was great to see Naevia being herself, purring, playing and rolling around. This was a good match!


Image: Naevia laying on her back, looking at the camera.

I am taking a 3 week break from fostering and then I’m excited to get back into it!

Hazel, my cat, is becoming more affectionate. We’ve had her since November and she has recently started sitting on the couch with B and I and she even gave me kisses today!


Image: Hazel laying on the bed.

I love cats! Fostering has been one of the best decisions of my life πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Naevia has been Adopted!

  1. It’s great your fostering cats! We are planning on adopting a cat, well once there are some again, odd shortage of cats at the SPCA these days for some reason.

    • I heard! The cat cafe in BC shut down because there are no cats! We still have a lot of cats here in Toronto. Toronto Cat Rescue’s intake lists that are sent to foster homes usually has at least 5 cats on it. We get these lists once a week at the least. Adopting is really awesome! I hope you get your cat soon!

      • It did. I guess the shortage is a good thing in reality, means less unwanted cats and less people breeding them, I hope anyhow.

        Because we have a dog we have to be a little pickier then we would otherwise, we don’t want to bring in a cat who is scared of dogs, so need to find a good match. No rush, we will wait until the right cat is found.

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