I am here today: Havasu Falls, Arizona

It’s a little chilly out, my body is not cooperating so I just need to escape! This is where I will travel today using the DBT skills Imagery 🙂

Image: a large waterfall with water that falls down 3 levels of rock. There are green trees and grass and tall brown rocks all around.


12 thoughts on “I am here today: Havasu Falls, Arizona

  1. my son took a church trip to Lake Havasu at Havasupai. He said it was beautiful and awesome and he loved every bit of it, including jumping down from one rainfall to the next.

      • I used to be able to create elaborate daydreams on command. I could just close my eyes and be gone to a beautiful place, a different world, a different universe even. I can’t do that anymore and I am sure it is the medication

      • It sounds like you may be on to something! My similar experience is not with medication but with depression in general. When I experienced more consistent depression when I was a teen I wrote a lot of fiction! Once I became happier and my depression became more sporadic and I experience my anger I noticed that writing fiction became very hard. It’s like I lost a chunk of my imagination!

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