I can be a counsellor now!

I finally have liability insurance and can start counselling individuals! I am trained in DBT and use DBT myself so being able to work with others who have BPD or emotional regulation issues is pretty amazing!

I find myself filled with a great fear that I will ultimately blow it as a counsellor and make people worse rather than better. While I do not want to devalue my experience of supporting friends, family, strangers and even my peer support work, I do not feel it is the same. In all cases, I was really not responsible for the overall wellbeing of the person. I was a listening ear that then suggested they seek counselling if it was needed or wanted. I was the person that knew where to get counselling. Now, I will be the counsellor. It’s scary.

I believe that once I have my first client and get things going I will feel ok. Extra responsibility is nerve-wracking at first. I do believe I can make a difference in someone’s life and I’m so happy that I was given the chance to be Β counsellor!

I will be working at Dialectical Living which specializes in providing DBT individual therapy and skills groups to people in Toronto and the surrounding area who experience BPD and other mental health issues that involve emotion regulation issues.


33 thoughts on “I can be a counsellor now!

  1. Congratulations! Being nervous is normal, but you’ll do great. Living with BPD and using DBT yourself gives you a unique perspective–an ability to relate to and empathize with your patients in ways that neuro-typical counselors cannot. You’ve experienced first hand what is lacking in mental health services, so you know what to provide. You totally got this! ❀

  2. Congrats!

    If I were in Ontario still, I’d come to you as a counselor, you seem quite knowledgeable and caring form what I can tell based on how you write and what you write about.

  3. I took a look at the link, impressed with how affordable they have made the groups there, its about double the price out this way, they don’t do 12 sessions for X amount, but charge per group session one at a time, but it’s 100-105 dollars each session now, so 1,200 dollars for 12 of them.

    Glad to see a place keeping services affordable. πŸ™‚

  4. Just found you & so happy 4 you! I am sharing your graphics with my DBT group on Fbook! Bery simple & informative! Having BPD I can say just make time for yourself & hard part may be letti g other’s situations & pain wear you down. So take breaks! Bravo & look forward to more vision boards & how things are going! Take care!

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