I am a fighter

Every once in awhile, a song comes along that reminds me that I kick ass. I’m not saying this to sound snobby but seriously, I look back over everything I have gone through and I have made it out. It doesn’t matter what has happened to me, who has happened to me, what I have done to myself. I kept going, always living, always pushing through and knowing deep down that all the bullshit would stop.

Check out the song that reminded me of this today.

“I will fall and rise above
And in your hate I find love
‘Cause I’m a survivor
Yeah, I am a fighter”


2 thoughts on “I am a fighter

  1. I write often on similar subjects that you do, although not to brag, I in fact do have some credentials. For one, I have logged over 500 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, and I also have memorized the Diagnostic criteria for Dysthymia.
    Let me say what I have learned about the DSM V. It is a cash cow for the psychiatrists, and for the BILLION dollar drug companies. The greatest thing about that DSM is the hilarious titles they come up with – for example this year, my favorite is ” Teenage Rebellion Syndrom… ( How unusual for teens!)
    Oh well- great post -please visit my writing cell- ” Don’t Label My Kid!

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