Mad Pride Toronto 2016: “A Mad Mother is not a Bad Mother”

Please check out my latest post for Mad Pride Toronto 2016 about becoming a Mad Mom!

Many of us are familiar with the judgement people pass on us as parents in general and when we have emotional differences the judgment becomes even stronger.

Probably one thing I am really excited to teach my son is that everyone has a different mind and that we are all supposed to. I want my son to always challenge normality and find peace with who he is.


6 thoughts on “Mad Pride Toronto 2016: “A Mad Mother is not a Bad Mother”

  1. Thanks for another great post Kristen! Judgements of parents and children don’t help create better families. We need to have the facts, bring empathy and listen before dictating solutions.

    • There are no instructions on how to parent despite the millions of parenting books out there. Empathy and being non-judgmental is so key! Thanks for commenting and posting that article!

  2. Thank you! My parents have both struggled with depression & anxiety, but that in of itself did not make them bad parents. In fact, due to facing those issues (fortunately being willing & able to access help) has made them better parents, particularly in understanding my brother & I.

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