Article: Having Kids with a BPD Diagnosis

Check out the post, “Having Kids with a BPD Diagnosis” on the Roanne Program website!

This article is extra fun because I am quoted in it as Pride in Madness!

“Pride in Madness states “I will have children. I will love my children. My children will be alright. ”

What has it been like for you to be a parent with a mental health diagnosis and/or with emotional differences?


2 thoughts on “Article: Having Kids with a BPD Diagnosis

  1. it has been really very hard as a single mother with bipolar disorder and depression and anxiety. There were times i was so sick i could barely function, yet i managed to make my kids breakfasts and lunches and get them to school. to help with their homework and have snacks. to watch them play, grow, develop into people. but none of it has beren easy. i have struggled with staying out of the hospital or going in; i have struggled with my wildly unpredictable behaviors when in an episode and i feel i could have been a better mother if this disease had not affected me so profoundly.

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