27 Years Old: Some Questions to Ask Myself

Today is my birthday and I am 27 years old! This is a pretty big year for me and my life will never be the same after I have my son. I found these questions on a Pinterest post and thought they would be appropriate to answer given that I am a few years away from 30 and becoming a mom. The “adulting” is about to get serious!

Questions from: 60 Deep Questions To Ask Yourself To Create “Aha” Moment

What legacy am I leaving the world after I’m gone?

I hope I will leave a legacy of strength. I want my friends and family to look back on my life and see how I came out of every struggle having learned something new to improve my life. I want people to feel hopeful about their own lives and see that overcoming difficulties is possible.

How could I be more engaged in life?

Over the past 2 years, I have really struggled with getting out there. I frequently found myself feeling lonely and forgotten. Fear has kept me from adventuring out into the world like I used to. My goal to become more engaged in life is to not only go out with my friends but try new things with them. B and I also need to keep things fresh in our relationship, especially with a baby on the way. The more we experience new things as a couple we will learn more about each other, see our relationship strengthen and add something exciting to our lives as individuals.

How much time do I spend dwelling on the past or worrying about the future?

Much of my time is spent dwelling on the past and noticing how past traumas continue to show up in my life. It has affected my ability to function as an individual and within my relationship with B. Going forward, I want to “forget” the past in the sense that I accept it has happened and that it is over. I am having a child and looking towards the future is unbelievably exciting! I do not want anything shadowing that!

What is my vision for the next five years?

Over the next 5 years, I hope that my son is an amazing 5 year old who is happy, learning and having a good time. Maybe there is a second child? I hope that B and I have a house to raise our family in instead of an apartment. I hope to be working at a job doing some form of social work combined with education. B will have a job where he finally feels content and well compensated.



15 thoughts on “27 Years Old: Some Questions to Ask Myself

  1. HAPPY BIIRTHDAY! Some lovely reflections and goals here. I wasn’t as level headed as you at 27. I am sure you are going to be a wonderful role model to your son xxxx all the best

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