After “World Suicide Prevention Day”: 4 events I’m glad I lived to see

This past Saturday was World Suicide Prevention Day. Please take the time to read a blog post I wrote about for Dialectical Living, a peer-based DBT organization based in Toronto. In the post, I share 4 events that have happened in my life that I am glad I got to experience. I was able to experience these events because I did not die when I tried to back in 2005.

I would love to hear how you celebrated World Suicide Prevention Day, your thoughts and feelings and anything else!


6 thoughts on “After “World Suicide Prevention Day”: 4 events I’m glad I lived to see

  1. Great post and great work! My bro killed himself on 4th of July years back. We were just chillin out watching late night TV. He just celebrated graduatin with a criminal justice degree and entering police academy . No worries right?
    Turns out his high school priest had molested him and been following him all through college. It was too much for him . He got up and said he was going for a walk. We found him 6 hours later with a gunshot to the head.
    We NEVER know what might be going through others minds. Great work Kirsten.

  2. Life is a name of God and we’re asked to thank God for giving us life and freedom in the First Commandment.

    We also need to understand that suicides are a result of pain and must not condemn people with suicidal tendencies.

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