Motherhood & Madness: He is here!



I may be especially absent over the next few weeks because my son is now in the world! Needless to say, all of my attention is on him and healing my body (which I for some reason did not think would hurt the way it does…silly me).

When I have sorted through some of my other work I hope to share my birth story here. It is probably the proudest moment of my life and one that has left me feeling stronger.

For the privacy of my son I will not be sharing his name, initials or pictures.

I finally have a therapist to see through the psychiatric program that specializes in women with mental health issues and pregnancy/postpartum. I have this therapist a lot later than I thought I would but I’m glad I have one now because I was ready to leave the program.

I look forward to sharing more of this adventure with you and hearing about your adventures with your own children!


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