What would you want out of a BPD Mom program?

My boss has given me permission to begin research in the hopes of creating a program for Mom’s with BPD improve their relationship with their children and themselves. I am preparing a survey and in the meantime, I wanted to reach out here! If you do not already know me, I am a Mom who experiences borderline traits.

There is a lot of research out there that bashes Moms who experience BPD. Resources for Moms with BPD are scarce and I want to change that! If you feel comfortable, please leave a response in the comments below or you can wait for the survey as it is anonymous.

Who am I looking to hear from:

  • Moms who have BPD, borderline traits or believe they have BPD and have never been officially diagnosed.
  • Moms (of any age child)
  • Pregnant, first-time moms
  • Women who would like to be moms

What I would like to know is: if you signed up for a program on Mothering and BPD, what would you want in it? What would help you the most improve your relationship with your children? What would make you feel confident in your mothering as a first-time mom or someone who wants to be a mom?



3 thoughts on “What would you want out of a BPD Mom program?

  1. Hi I’m kirsty and I’m nearly 19. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder almost 2 weeks ago, however my friends and family have thought I may have been experiencing this for a while. I have a 17 month old son and, if I had a program like what you discussed, I would like it to give me advice on how to play with my child. Playing and talking to my child are the main things I struggle with. I also struggle with coping with my anger if he is naughty and I get frustrated quickly when he cries. I would like the programme to help me in dealing with the anger emotion and give me ways in which I can play with my child confidently and without feeling judged or critized.

    Kind Regards

    • Amazing Kristy! Thank you for your input!

      If I may, I have some ideas about how to play with your son. You are welcome to ignore any of this. I know a lot of people give mom’s unsolicited advice!

      He is still absorbing so much information and everything is still so new. Everything you do can be a learning experience a game. Grocery shopping is a good time for learning and fun as you match the items on your list, talking about colours, shapes, sizes, counting and later one even helping you make simple meals or snacks. Many toddlers enjoying singing songs (or listening to you sing, especially songs with puppets or hand movements), bubbles, story time, and dancing. Follow your son’s lead, observe what he’s interested in and do more things about that (if you notice he enjoys playing with toy cars could you build a race track, read stories about cars or pretend to drive a car by pushing him around in a box). Ask questions, describe things, explain what you are doing. Here is a link if you are interested of a bunch of activities you could try. http://www.rookiemoms.com/things-to-do-with-toddlers-before-they-turn-two/

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