Personal Media

The following are articles that I have been a part of (either a group/organization I am apart of) I was interviewed or I wrote the published piece. It starts with the most recent.

Myth Busting: 5 Myths About Youth Mental Health and Addiction by Kristen Bellows (Young Ones), Canada Helps, September 24, 2014

Top 5 Twitter accounts to follow for mental health by Sarah Robinson, The Social, May 9, 2014

Bell Let’s Talk: Social Media and Mental Illness by Sarah Robinson, The Social, January 28, 2014

What Would You Say To Those Who Hate? by Kristen Bellows (Young Ones), Fresh Print Magazine, January 23, 2014

Talking About Mental Illness With Someone Who Knows It Best by Sarah Robinson, The Social, October 11, 2013

Snap North York, Young OnesSeptember 2013

Parents-Space, Contributing AuthorMarch 2013

The Changing Cost of Mental Health Care in Canada by Sarah Robinson, The Loop, February 12 2013

I Got Better Campaign by Mind Freedom International, 2013

Mad World by Dana Yates, Ryerson University Magazine, Winter 2012

Stigma: YO’s Lillian Birchall and Kristen Bellows fight stigma in advertising by Young Ones, October 22 2012

Searching for Solid Ground by Asher Greenberg, The Ryersonian, September 18 2012

Video: Ryerson mental health services still delayed by Roohi Sahajpal, The Ryersonian, March 30 2012

Mental health help lags behind demand by Sarah Robinson, The Ryersonian, March 28 2012

Bell Let’s Talk Q&A, CTV, February 2012 (link doesn’t work)

Sanism, ‘Mental Health’, and Social Work/Education: A Review and Call to Action by Jennifer M. Poole, Tania Jivraj, Araxi Arslanian, Kristen Bellows, Sheila Chiasson, Husnia Hakimy, Jessica Pasini, Jenna Reid, Intersectionalities, Vol 1 2012

People who attempted suicide as youths trace their recovery by Leslie Scrivener, Toronto Star, December 3 2011

Depression on campus by Katherine Engqvist, The Ryersonia, October 25 2011 (read with caution, I did not like this article’s portrayal of me)

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  1. I am conducting interviews for a research study, largely focused on personality disorders, and I would like to email you information in case it might interest you.

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