BPD Playlist

Songs that explain what it’s like to experience Borderline Personality symptoms. Songs will be added as discovered.

Bitch by Meredith Brooks

I’m Still Hot by Luciana

Drama Queen by Suzie McNeil

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

One More Night y Maroon 5

Tourniquet by Evanescence

I Bruise Easily by Natasha Bedingfield

Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum

Nobody’s Perfect (Netsky Remix) by Jessie J

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

Never Gonna Let You Go by Esthero

Foundations by Kate Nash

21 thoughts on “BPD Playlist

  1. I’m thinking the Maroon 5 song is more from the other side’s perspective? (The “non” as the term is used.)

    As I listen though I know it could actually be a perspective from either side. I’ve been dx’d BPD after a really unstable ‘relationship’ and I also think the ex had/has it too, so this song kind of relates that way as well.

    What is your perspective on that particular song?

    • I listened to the song and considered what you said and was hit with a different interpretation of the song.

      My original thoughts behind the song was that the situation I found myself in was my fault and I couldn’t get out because I needed him. It was my fault he was angry, it was my fault he would throw things, ignore me etc. I was broken therefore the fights were my fault which is why the song reminded me a “BPD” relationship.

      My current thought is that this song shows the cycle of abuse. Women who experience abuse will fight back by arguing but leaving is still a whole other issue. You both fight with each other, it gets bad, you want to leave but you are sucked back in.

      • OK yeah, that all makes sense and I agree. I guess what I’m wondering though is..Is it the singer (who is male and not that matters, lol) who has BPD or is it the (most likely) woman he is singing to?

        Obviously no right or wrong but was a question that came up for me. It just seemed blurry and why I thought maybe both singer and object of his confusion could maybe both have BPD.

        Good insight though for me, what you wrote. I’ve been recently dx’d and I’m old by the standards. LOL, 49. But have been struggling to find the right dx for a very long time. In and out of therapy since I was 20 and also hospitalized twice in my 20s…voluntarily.

        In fact no one even mentioned the possibility or came close to any dx that would indicate trauma even though I told my entire story in therapy. Ugh.

        Anyway, I tend to forget the other pieces of the ‘disorder’ within the symptoms. The symptoms themselves need their own analysis. And yeah, I’ve had that feeling of “It’s all my fault.”

        It’s become more of a conscious question though these days, “Is it me or am I missing something here? ” Just as an example.

        Sorry didn’t plan to ramble but your comment actually helped me with my own crap.

        Still wondering about my question though but it’s pretty rhetorical. 😉 Would love to ask the song writer.

      • Ramble away 🙂

        I think, unless you get a PTSD diagnosis, many mental health professionals forget about trauma. They are so wrapped up in the biology aspect that our experiences don’t matter so much. They do though, they matter A LOT!

        As for the song, potentially the fact that we can relate to it as individuals with BPD labels and someone who I believe does not have a BPD label writes a song like this, I think it says something about how normal our experience is. The horrible relationship fights, not knowing whether to leave and trying to make it work because you do love that person.

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