Help me develop a DBT-based parenting program!

This program will be based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If proven successful there is a high possibility it will be moved online to support moms from around the world!

Here is the link for the survey! Thank you for your help and support 🙂

Experiences of Mom’s with Borderline Personality Disorder/Borderline Traits


What would you want out of a BPD Mom program?

My boss has given me permission to begin research in the hopes of creating a program for Mom’s with BPD improve their relationship with their children and themselves. I am preparing a survey and in the meantime, I wanted to reach out here! If you do not already know me, I am a Mom who experiences borderline traits.

There is a lot of research out there that bashes Moms who experience BPD. Resources for Moms with BPD are scarce and I want to change that! If you feel comfortable, please leave a response in the comments below or you can wait for the survey as it is anonymous.

Who am I looking to hear from:

  • Moms who have BPD, borderline traits or believe they have BPD and have never been officially diagnosed.
  • Moms (of any age child)
  • Pregnant, first-time moms
  • Women who would like to be moms

What I would like to know is: if you signed up for a program on Mothering and BPD, what would you want in it? What would help you the most improve your relationship with your children? What would make you feel confident in your mothering as a first-time mom or someone who wants to be a mom?


Motherhood and Madness


B and I are trying to get pregnant. When we first decided we wanted to try I thought about how trying to become pregnant, being pregnant and having a child would affect my mental health issue. What emotional journey will I go on? Who can I turn to? What will people think? From the research I have done in the past I am aware that resources for parents with mental health issues are scarce, but yet research on the negative impact parent mental health issues have on children is fairly abundant. This is why I wanted to create the Motherhood & Madness section of my blog.

It is my hope that through Motherhood and Madness I can share my experience of trying and being pregnant and finally, being a parent while having a mental health issue. I will share research the supports parents who have mental health issues and most importantly, I feel, connect with other soon-to-be parents and current parents who have lived experience.


A Message To Keep Me Going

Today my friend/colleague and I had a mental health presentation and I got this feedback in response to sharing some of the stigma I have faced.

IMG_3311 “Kristen- I wanted to let you know that I did my counselling program with a woman who had a Borderline  Personality diagnosis. We keep in touch on Facebook and she has 2 adorable children. She’s one of the best mothers I know.”

Thank you to whoever wrote this! I needed to hear this 🙂